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A Few Points to Ponder as We Enter the Great Lent

A Few Points to Ponder as We Enter the Great Lent by Rev. Fr. Dr. Bijesh Philip There are many spiritual exercises which help us to grow in Christ. Holy sacraments, fasting and Lents, prayers, meditations, teaching and preaching in the church etc are preparing a ground for receiving grace from God for this spiritual growth. These spiritual exercises, especially fasting/Lent can be compared to the stone jars into which water was poured according to the instruction of our Lord at the wedding in Cana (St. John 2:7). By being in those stone jars, water could meet its creator and He in turn, could transform it to tasty wine. Though the stone jars prepared a ground for the transformation, the source of that change was God only. Likewise, we are supposed to be poured into Lent for being transformed by Divine Grace. It must be noted that the gospel reading at the time of entrance to the Great Lent is concerning Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana. Great Lent began in the anc